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Construction workers are at a higher risk of becoming injured from construction falls than employees in other industries. Due to the inherent dangers of construction injury, employers must ensure their job sites are safe and comply with all state and federal workplace safety regulations. Employees can become injured when they fall from great heights, off scaffolding, or slip and fall on debris.

Have you suffered a severe injury in a Dallas construction fall accident? You may be entitled to compensation for your past and future medical expenses, lost income, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other damages. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Rochelle McCullough are prepared to offer you a thorough legal defense and defend your rights. Contact Rochelle McCullough to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation case evaluation with a skilled personal injury attorney. 

Causes of Construction Falls

When employers fail to keep their employees safe, employees can become catastrophically injured or suffer fatal injuries from construction fall accidents. Unfortunately, Dallas-Fort Worth area employees become severely injured every year. Pedestrians can also become injured in fall-related accidents when construction companies fail to warn them of dangerous conditions on the sidewalk or road. Some of the most common construction-related fall accidents include the following:

construction site with heavy machinery
  • A worker falls off of a scaffold
  • A worker falls off of a ladder
  • A worker falls off of tall, heavy machinery
  • Slip and fall accidents injure workers or pedestrians
  • Workers or pedestrians are struck by falling objects
  • Workers or pedestrians fall down maintenance holes 

Construction Employers Have a Duty to Keep Work Areas Safe

Fall accidents are so prevalent that state and federal agencies have passed regulations to help protect workers from preventable injuries. For example, the federal Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have strict rules that construction employers must follow. Employers must use appropriate safety nets, guardrails, and fall arrest systems, especially when employees are working at a height of six feet or higher. When employers cut corners, employees and their family members can pay a far too heavy price.

Slip and fall accidents are also common in the construction industry. Protruding steel bars are a common sight at many construction work sites. These bars should be topped with caps or bent over so workers cannot become impaled if they fall on them. Additionally, construction foremen and employers should ensure that everyone on the job site uses ladders safely. When ladders are old and defective, placed on an uneven surface, or not safely positioned, workers are more likely to fall and be injured.

Safe Scaffolding Practices to Avoid Construction Falls

Many construction fall accidents involve an employee falling off scaffolding. Construction employers have a duty to ensure that scaffolds are constructed safely, according to the instructions set forth by the manufacturer. Scaffolding must be maintained and inspected for safety. It must have appropriate guardrails and a fall arrest system. Workers must have appropriate safety equipment in good order and obey the weight limits for scaffolding. Job site managers need to ensure that all items taken up on the scaffolding are secure so they don’t fall and injure someone below. 

Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents on Construction Sites

Not all construction site fall accidents involve a worker falling from great heights. Workers can become seriously injured from tripping or slipping and falling. Construction sites can be especially dangerous regarding slip and fall accidents because there’s usually significant debris, heavy machinery, and other tools on the job site. Foreman and employers should ensure employees use safe practices by cleaning up the job site and placing hazard signs, hazard tape, or safety tape around objects that could be trip and fall hazards.

Roofers Are at Risk For Preventable Construction Falls

Two construction workers on a site

Roofers face their own set of hazards when they are working. While all construction workers are at a higher risk for fall injuries, roofers face even more danger. There is an increased risk of accidents involving falling off a roof, and the injuries can be catastrophic or fatal. Roofers also may fall through a roof hole into a lower building level. It’s crucial that workers locate holes, communicate their location, and mark them off for other workers.

The roofing company or foreman should assess the roof’s condition and ensure it’s not at risk of collapsing while workers are on it. They should also ensure that there are no trip hazards on the roof, like tools or materials. The roofing supervisor should also be careful about placing any heavy equipment on the roof if the roof is at risk of collapsing. The manager should ensure that employees are practicing ladder safety, wearing harnesses, and using edge awareness.

Damages Available Through a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Most catastrophic and fatal fall accidents on construction sites can be prevented when managers enforce safety regulations. When managers and employers cut corners to save money or time, their negligence can result in dangerous fall accidents. Many fall accidents cause devastating, life-altering injuries like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and severe damage to internal organs. Suppose you have been injured because of your employer’s negligence or the negligence of another party. In that case, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit or workers’ compensation. Before you agree to accept workers’ compensation, it’s important to discuss your case with an attorney. 

By accepting workers’ compensation benefits, you waive your right to pursue a lawsuit against your employer. Pursuing a lawsuit may allow you to obtain more of the damages you need and deserve, such as medical expenses, property damage, lost income, disability, pain and suffering, and other damages. 

Discuss Your Case with an Experienced Attorney

If you’ve been injured due to a construction fall, it’s crucial that you understand your legal options. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits or to pursue damages against the negligent party who caused your injuries. After investigating your case, the attorneys at Rochelle McCullough will help you understand your options and advocate for your right to the total and fair compensation you deserve. Contact Rochelle McCullough today to schedule an initial consultation. We do not charge legal fees or costs unless we recover compensation for you.