Case Results

$47.4 Million

Fraudulent Transfer Jury Verdict

Arkansas jury awarded $47.4 million to bankruptcy trustee on a claim for a fraudulent transfer. On June 24, 2008, Plaintiff Equity Media Holdings sold its rights to the Retro Television Network, Inc., a network that broadcasted television programs from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The rights were sold to Luken Communications, LLC for $18.5 million,…

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$34.8 Million

Breach of Contract Jury Verdict

A Houston oil company was assessed $34.8 million dollars in damages for wrongfully using a jet in a gold smuggling scam, in violation of the terms of its lease of an aircraft owned by Southlake Aviation LLC. Plaintiff Southlake Aviation leased a GulfStream V jet to Defendant CAMAC International Corp. for travel between CAMAC’s headquarters…

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$5.85 Million

National Grain and Feed Arbitration Award

On behalf of an Arkansas Bankruptcy Trustee. (the largest Award in the history of the NGFA Arbitration system)

$2.5 Million

Products Liability Settlement

Claim against a US Auto manufacturer for wrongful death.

$2.5 Million

Premises Liability Settlement

Fall through a staircase at an apartment complex, resulting in a broken right hip, fractured pelvis, and fractured left foot

$2.17 Million

Wrongful Death/Apartment Shooting Settlement

Armed robbery/shooting at an apartment complex, resulting in death.

$1.3 Million

Medical Malpractice Settlement

Claim against an Arkansas hospital for wrongful death.


Medical Malpractice Settlement

Against an Arkansas based ambulance service for failure to timely transport a patient having a stroke.


Motor Vehicle Accident/Wrongful Death Settlement

A rollaway truck struck a pedestrian, resulting in death.


Construction/Workplace Accident Settlement

Pipes were not loaded correctly onto a truck, and rolled off onto the client, resulting in a right foot crush injury.


Final Arbitration Award

Against a Texas Company for retaliation against a female employee who raised a good faith claim of sexual harassment in her workplace.


Apartment Shooting Settlement

Shooting at an apartment complex, resulting in a fractured right femur


Workplace Accident Arbitration Award

A coffee machine fell off station and onto the client, resulting in a back injury


Workplace Accident Settlement

Workplace injury at work, client’s right hand was caught in a slicing machine, resulting in loss of digits.


Elevator Accident Settlement

An elevator malfunction, resulted in a right medial meniscus tear


Car Accident

Motor vehicle accident resulting in broken wrists. A UIM claim was filed, stemming from an underlying motor vehicle accident case.


Workplace Accident

Foot ran over by electric pallet jack, resulting in a left foot crush injury


Motor Vehicle Accident

Failure to yield the right of way resulted in a collision, and a fractured right knee and ankle.


Negligence Settlement

Failure to provide prompt wheelchair assistance under the ACAA, resulting in a broken hip


Construction Accident Settlement

A fall from makeshift ramp made of 2×4 planks of wood, resulting in a shoulder injury


Workplace Accident Settlement

Slip and fall on the wet, oily grate at a disposal site, resulting in right and left knee injuries


Elevator Accident

An elevator malfunction, resulted in a diffuse axonal TBI

Every case is different and results depend on their specific circumstances. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.