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For more than two decades, the law firm of Rochelle McCullough has distinguished itself as a leader in corporate bankruptcy and commercial litigation.

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Attorneys Michael R. Rochelle and Kevin D. McCullough
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$47.4 Million

Arkansas jury awarded $47.4 million to bankruptcy trustee on a claim for a fraudulent transfer. On June 24, 2008, Plaintiff Equity Media Holdings sold its rights to the Retro Television Network, Inc., a network that broadcasted television programs from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The rights were sold to Luken Communications, LLC for $18.5 million,…

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$34.8 Million

A Houston oil company was assessed $34.8 million dollars in damages for wrongfully using a jet in a gold smuggling scam, in violation of the terms of its lease of an aircraft owned by Southlake Aviation LLC. Plaintiff Southlake Aviation leased a GulfStream V jet to Defendant CAMAC International Corp. for travel between CAMAC’s headquarters…

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With over a century of bankruptcy experience, the attorneys of Rochelle McCullough have served as distinguished and trusted advisors for Court appointed fiduciaries, debtors, and creditors alike. The representation of Court appointed fiduciaries, including Chapter 7 and 11 Trustees and receivers, has become a staple of Rochelle McCullough’s bankruptcy practice. The firm’s professionals are well-versed in guiding fiduciaries in the operation and liquidation of debtor entities, including pursuing and prosecuting estate causes of action to increase returns to the bankruptcy estate, and ultimately, creditors.

In recent years, the firm has pursued traditional Chapter 5 causes of action, such as fraudulent transfers and turnovers, and fiduciary / D&O liability claims to great success. Whether you are seeking a liquidation or workout for your own company, or the recovery of money owed from a bankrupt entity, the experienced attorneys of Rochelle McCullough are well-equipped to assist you along the way.

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Commercial Litigation

The firm has vast experience in complex commercial litigation across numerous industries, including real estate, housing, oil and gas, and agriculture, to name a few. We advocate for our clients in a variety of complex commercial disputes, including contract disputes, financial institution disputes, fraud, and unfair competition, insolvency, restructuring, and fiduciary liability disputes. The attorneys of Rochelle McCullough develop case themes and perform exhaustive investigations on behalf of clients in order to develop the best strategy to successfully attain client objectives.

We recognize that, while litigation is often necessary and unavoidable, practical and economic considerations often demand out-of-court resolutions. While the attorneys of Rochelle McCullough are exceedingly comfortable with and prepared for zealous courtroom advocacy, we are equally comfortable resolving disputes with the arbitration, mediation, or informal negotiation. The firm recognizes that successful dispute resolution, resulting in happy clients and outstanding results, requires a healthy dose of cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law covers a broad spectrum of issues when one has been physically or emotionally injured. Accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone, and many accidents prove to be insignificant or have minor consequences. Most slip & fall injuries result in a simple skinned knee and many car accidents are just fender benders. However, some accidents are more severe, resulting in catastrophic injuries or even the death of a loved one. These accidents are often debilitating, causing permanent disability and significant life changes.

People affected by catastrophic injury often lose their jobs and/or their ability to work to earn a living, and they may require extensive care, medication, and physical therapy. In all matters involving personal injury, measures must be taken promptly to preserve evidence, investigate the accident in question, and file a lawsuit before the deadline imposed by the statute of limitations. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident due to someone else’s negligence, the lawyers at Rochelle McCullough are here to help.