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Even the safest Texas drivers can suddenly find themselves injured because of a car accident that wasn’t their fault. Negligent drivers can cause many different types of car accidents, from head-on collisions to rollover accidents. Every car accident can potentially cause devastating injuries that result in mounting medical bills, lost income, and damage to your vehicle. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, contact Rochelle McCullough, a trusted legal ally dedicated to helping you navigate the legal complexities and seek the compensation you deserve.

Advocating for Car Accident Victims in Dallas, TX & Hot Springs, AR

If another person’s negligence caused the car accident that resulted in your injuries, you might be entitled to compensation by pursuing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. The experienced litigators at Rochelle McCullough are prepared to review your case, answer any questions, and help you develop an effective legal strategy to obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve. Contact the Texas and Arkansas personal injury lawyers at Rochelle McCullough, LLP today to schedule your complimentary case evaluation.

Many Car Accidents Are Caused By Negligent Driving

The majority of car accident cases occur because one or more drivers are driving negligently. Negligent driving happens when a driver fails to use reasonable care under the circumstances to prevent injury to others. Drivers are more distracted, stressed, and fatigued than ever. There is a constant temptation to use smartphones while driving. 

Failure to pay attention to the road, even for 5 seconds to check a text message, can result in a driver causing devastating, long-lasting injuries to others on the road. If you’ve become injured in a car accident in Dallas caused by any type of negligence, it’s worth taking the time to discuss your case with an experienced car accident attorney.

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Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur due to various factors, often resulting from negligence, human error, or environmental conditions. Understanding these common causes is essential to promote safer driving habits and reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Distracted Driving
  • Speeding
  • Drunk Driving
  • Reckless Driving
  • Weather Conditions
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Poor Road Conditions
  • Inadequate Visibility
  • Unsafe Lane Changes

Car Accident Injuries Can Have Devastating Impacts

Injuries can occur in nearly every type of car accident, including rear-end accidents. For example, a rear-end accident can cause a person’s head and neck to snap forward and backward quickly, resulting in whiplash. Whiplash may not seem like a serious injury, but it can cause pain and immobility and render a victim unable to return to work. Head-on collisions, rollover accidents, T-bone accidents, and accidents involving commercial vehicles can cause devastating injuries with long-lasting consequences, such as:

Pursuing an Insurance Claim After a Car Accident

There are two main ways to obtain compensation for car accident injuries: a personal injury lawsuit and an insurance claim. When pursuing an insurance claim, you will need to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. If the driver who caused the accident doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your damages, you may need to file a claim for uninsured motorist coverage through your insurance policy. 

Working with an attorney can be beneficial because an attorney can hold the insurance company accountable. Generally, the initial settlement offer from the insurance company will not be enough to cover your damages. An attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to reach a favorable settlement amount.

Damages Available Through a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Pursuing an insurance claim may not be the best strategy for you to recover compensation. You may benefit from pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the party or parties whose negligence caused your injuries. Under Texas law, negligent drivers are liable to pay for any of the damages caused by car accidents resulting from their negligence. Through a personal injury lawsuit, you can pursue the following types of damages:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Disability 

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

Pursuing a lawsuit for compensation after a car accident may seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve been seriously injured. However, it’s important to understand the time limit, or statute of limitations, that will apply in your case. A statute of limitations is a time limit during which a personal injury victim must file a lawsuit against the person who caused the car accident. If you file a claim within two years of the date the car accident occurred, you will retain the right to pursue a lawsuit. Speaking to an attorney after you receive medical treatment can help your claim by giving your attorney enough time to investigate your case and gather evidence.

How Long Does it Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim in Dallas?

The duration to settle a car accident claim in Texas can vary widely based on several factors. Simple and straightforward cases may be resolved within a few weeks to a couple of months, especially if liability is clear and damages are easy to calculate. However, more complex cases involving severe injuries, disputed liability, extensive negotiations, or legal proceedings can take significantly longer, often ranging from several months to even a few years.

The Benefits of Working with a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney Attorney

Even if your car accident case is relatively straightforward and you think it will be easy to prove that the other driver was at fault, working with an attorney can still be beneficial. Insurance companies have the resources and staff necessary to try to deny or limit insurance payouts. They may try to pressure you into accepting a settlement that is far too low to cover all of your damages. An attorney with experience in car accident cases can help you value your case and begin negotiating aggressively with the insurance company on your behalf. 

Also, dealing with insurance adjusters can be difficult after you’ve been seriously injured. When you work with Rochelle McCullough, one of our experienced litigators will handle all of the communication and negotiation with the insurance company or defendant so you can focus on your recovery. We will take the hassle out of the paperwork, negotiations, and litigation so you can begin getting your life back to normal.

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The personal injury team at Rochelle McCullough has decades of experience representing Texans who have been injured in car accidents. We’ve obtained millions of dollars in compensation for car accident victims, and we’re ready to help you pursue the best settlement possible in your case. When you work with us, we will carefully listen to every detail of your case, gather all relevant evidence, and build the strongest case possible for the maximum amount you’re entitled to collect. Contact Rochelle McCullough today to schedule your free case review and learn more about your legal rights.

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