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Our bones provide us with protection, stability, and mobility. Bones are made from the hardest material in our bodies, but bones can still fracture when exposed to high levels of force. Bone fractures aren’t always incapacitating, but they can limit mobility and range of motion, preventing people from working and engaging in activities they love. 

Unfortunately, many bone fracture injuries are caused by negligent individuals or companies who cause accidents, such as car accidents and slip and fall accidents. If you or your loved one have suffered a bone fracture caused by another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to total and fair compensation. For more information about whether you are entitled to compensation, contact the Dallas personal injury attorneys at Rochelle McCullough to schedule a free case evaluation.

Fractured Bones Cases That We Handle

At Rochelle McCullough, we diligently pursue every available option for compensation to obtain the most favorable options for our clients. Our attorneys are tough negotiators and respected litigators. We are prepared to take your case to court to protect your rights. Our attorneys handle bone fracture cases with a client-centered approach. We take the time to listen to the needs and goals of our clients to formulate the best legal strategy moving forward. 

At Rochelle McCullough, our attorneys have a thorough investigative process involving a network of resources to ensure our client’s rights are protected throughout the entire injury claim or lawsuit process. We represent clients who’ve suffered bone fractures caused by a wide variety of accidents, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Dog bite attacks
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Fall from great heights
  • ATV accidents
  • School Injuries
  • Nursing home abuse cases

Different Types of Bone Fractures

A bone fracture diagnosis means a person’s phone has been broken. Several types of bone fractures vary based on location and severity. If you suspect that you may have fractured your bone, you should visit your doctor and obtain an X-ray to determine whether there is a fracture and the severity of your injuries. Any bones in a person’s body can break, but compound fractures are more common in a person’s limbs. Less commonly fractured bones include the following:

  • Collar bone
  • Ribs
  • Pelvis
  • Skull bones
  • Face bones
  • Spine or vertebrae
  • Eye bones

You may only realize your injury’s severity once you’ve been properly diagnosed, causing your bone fracture to worsen and become more challenging to treat. Some of the most common types of bone fractures caused by preventable accidents include the following:

  • A displaced fracture occurs when the broken ends of the bone don’t line up 
  • A stable fracture occurs when the two ends of the bone are barely out of place
  • A transverse fracture occurs when the two ends of the bone are unstable and don’t line up
  • An oblique fracture occurs when the two ends of the bone are broken at an angle
  • A spiral fracture occurs when a twisting force causes the fracture, as in a slip-and-fall accident

Compound Fractures

Compound or “open” fractures can be the most severe type of bone fracture. They occur when the bone breaks through a person’s skin. Open fractures are common when bicyclists or pedestrians are hit by motor vehicles. Compound fractures are extremely painful, generally require significant medical treatment, and there is always a risk of infection.

Long-Term Consequences of Fractured Bones

Broken bones can be more painful than many people realize. Dealing with the pain of a broken bone can make it difficult to concentrate, walk, work, and engage in day-to-day activities. Severe broken bone injuries can cause additional medical complications, such as nerve damage. Complex bone fractures may be impossible to repair and require an amputation of the affected limb due to bone fragments cutting through a patient’s nerve and skin. Even minor bone fractures can take weeks or months to heal properly, cutting into a patient’s ability to earn a living.

Treating broken bones can also be prohibitively expensive. Doctors may want to use diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, and apply a cast. In more severe cases, the patient may need to undergo one or more surgeries and stay in the hospital to recover after the surgeries. Patients may need ongoing rehabilitation, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. These medical expenses can add up quickly and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Compensation Available in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Broken bones can cause significant expense for personal injury victims. The attorneys at Rochelle McCullough regularly help our clients recover maximum compensation for these injuries. Plaintiffs can recover economic and non-economic damages. Some of the most common types of compensation victims of bone fractures can recover include the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages due to your being unable to work while recovering from your injuries
  • Property damage from the accident that caused the bone fracture
  • Pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of quality of life

When the defendant’s actions were grossly negligent or intentional, plaintiffs may be able to recover additional punitive damages. The total amount of compensation available in bone fracture cases depends on the unique facts of your case. Generally, the more severe and permanent your injuries, the more compensation to which you may be entitled.

At Rochelle McCullough, our attorneys work with financial and medical experts to determine the total damages caused by our client’s injuries. Before you sign a settlement agreement, it’s crucial that you reach out to an experienced attorney. An attorney can help you negotiate a fair settlement agreement covering your current and future expenses. 

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Bone fractures can take significant time to heal, and severe bone fractures can cause permanent injuries and pain. Victims can still suffer from long-term immobility, even with rehabilitation, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Broken bones typically come with significant medical bills, pain, discomfort, and lost wages. If you suffered a bone fracture in Dallas because of another person’s negligence, you need an experienced attorney. Contact Rochelle McCullough today to schedule a free case evaluation and learn more about your legal options.