The only lawyer I have ever trusted

My wife and I had come across some unsavory people during our journey to become a licensed HVAC contractor a few years ago. These people after working for them for 3 years decided they no longer needed my services anymore, mostly because they knew I was ready to start my own company, and decided that they were going to sue me for $ and were not going to sign my practical experience form required by the state of Texas that proves that I have worked with the tools of the trade for the 3 years. After stressing about this situation for a couple of weeks and having no idea how to even fight this matter a friend had giving me Mr. Bevel’s phone number. I called Mr. Bevel and explained what the situation was and who had referred me. He told my wife and I not to worry and that he will send a “NICE” letter to the unsavory people. After he had drawn the letter up and mailed it registered mail, we got a response from the people that they were ready to fight in court. Mr. Bevel again assured us not to worry about them. When it came time to go to court, Mr. Bevel through his many connections at the court house managed to get us a mediation with a judge and was able to settle this matter without spending a ton of money and kept our good reputation in the HVAC community. Also, on his own good will, did not charge us a ton of money and was very sincere about wanting us to succeed in the HVAC business. I must say now that I’m a HVAC contractor and have been servicing Mr. Bevel’s house and others that he knows for the past 9 years, I have never once worried about any legal issues because I know he has our back.


— William
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