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Here’s What to Know About Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Pregnancy has long been revered as a beautiful experience that culminates in new life. But while many hold this belief, discrimination towards pregnant women continues to occur each and every day in the workplace. Many employers do not want to hire someone who they feel won’t work as hard due to their pregnancy or who will have to take a paid leave. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell when you are being treated a certain way in the workplace because of the fact that you are pregnant or if it is merely a coincidence. Here’s what to know about pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.  

What is the Pregnancy Discrimination Act?

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act was enacted to protect pregnant women from being discriminated against by their employers. Under the Act, an employer is prohibited from not hiring, firing, reducing pay, overlooking for promotions, or taking any other similar action against an individual based solely on the fact that they are pregnant or of childbearing age. The Act also prohibits the enactment of any policies that disproportionately impact pregnant women or those who may become pregnant. 

Are There Exceptions to the Act?

Some courts have found that women who work for a religious organization may be treated differently if they are pregnant and not married. If the religious organization prohibits premarital sex and the woman is unmarried and pregnant, she may not be entirely protected under the Act. But for this to be legal, the religious organization must also treat men who are engaging in premarital sex and those who father a child out of wedlock in the same manner. 

In order to best protect yourself from pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, you must first understand your rights. You are never obligate to tell an employer (current or potential) that you are pregnant and employers are prohibited from asking you if you are pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant in the future. Since it can be so difficult to prove that the treatment against you is based upon the fact that you are pregnant, it’s in your best interest to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced employment law attorney who specializes in workplace discrimination. 

The Attorneys at Rochelle McCullough Help Those in Dallas Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

The lawyers at Rochelle McCullough help victims of workplace pregnancy discrimination to hold those responsible accountable and to get their livelihood back on track. If you suspect that you were discriminated against in the workplace based on the fact that you are pregnant, may be deciding to become pregnant, or are of childbearing age, we may be able to help. You may be entitled to compensation. Since pregnancy discrimination in the workplace can be difficult to prove and because it is so important to maintain all relevant evidence, it is imperative that you speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible to protect any evidence and to protect your rights.