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The Fatal Four of Construction Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places to work. Although the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) reports that workplace fatalities have decreased overall since its inception in 1970, a significant percentage of those fatalities occur on construction sites. OSHA has identified the “Fatal Four” – the list of leading causes of fatalities on construction sites.

If you or your loved one suffered injuries on a construction site in Arkansas, you need a seasoned personal injury attorney to handle your case. At Rochelle McCollough, LLP, we have the legal knowledge and prowess to represent accident victims and their families regardless of the size and complexity of the case.   

What Are the Fatal Four? 

The leading causes of accidents, the Fatal Four, occur far too often on U.S. construction sites. In a recent year, OSHA gathered data related to the Fatal Four as follows: 

  • Falls – Construction workers who fell from heights represented the highest group of deaths, almost 34% of all fatalities.
  • Struck by an object – Flying objects and rolling, swinging, or falling objects were the second leading cause of deaths at more than 11% of total fatalities.
  • Electrocutions – The failure to meet electrical safety standards is one of the most frequently cited construction site violations. Electrocutions resulted in 8.5% of deaths in a recent year.
  • Caught in/between – These accidents include circumstances when construction workers are pinned between machinery or other fixed objects. They also include accidents when workers are trapped in a trench or excavation cave-in. 5% of construction site accidents were caught in/between accidents. 

If you were injured but survived one of the Fatal Four accidents – or if your loved one succumbed to their injuries – the personal injury attorneys at Rochelle McCollough, LLP can help you manage a personal injury or wrongful death claim. 

How Can Construction Workers Avoid an Accident?

Employers have a duty to keep the construction work site free of hazards, but not all accidents are preventable. General contractors cannot control the acts of their vendors and third-party contractors, and the negligent acts of these parties may cause an accident, resulting in injuries that may be compensable in a personal injury action.

Despite the inherent risks of working in construction, following specific safety precautions can help you avoid a tragic accident. Keep these tips in mind to stay safe on the job: 

  • To avoid a fall, wear fall protection gear, such as safety harnesses, when working from heights.
  • Do not work near moving objects that could hit you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and check for floor openings. Report any uncovered openings or those without the appropriate warning signs.
  • Do not enter trench or excavation areas unless the appropriate safety equipment is available.
  • To prevent electrocution, know the location of the utilities and power lines on the job site and ensure ground-fault interrupters are in place.

What Are My Legal Options If I’m Injured on a Construction Site?

Your options for pursuing compensation after an accident at a construction site depend on who was responsible for the accident. If a third party on the job site caused the accident that resulted in your injuries, you can pursue a personal injury claim against them. Likewise, if a third party, other than your loved one’s employer, caused their fatal accident, you can pursue a wrongful death claim on their behalf. Personal injury and wrongful death claims require you to establish that another party’s actions played a part in causing the accident. Your attorney will gather evidence to prove their fault, which will allow you to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses.

Because of the complexities of construction site accidents, having an experienced personal injury lawyer involved from the start is a crucial step in obtaining a successful result. Your attorney will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances of the accident, interview witnesses, collect pertinent documents, and obtain medical records. They will fully evaluate the case and identify all liable parties so you can pursue maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

Does Arkansas Have a Time Limit for Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

Yes. You have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit for your injuries. Arkansas’ statute of limitations sets this deadline. If you fail to file your lawsuit within this time frame, the judge will likely dismiss your case, leaving you with no opportunity to seek money for your injuries and losses in court.

Although three years may seem like a long time, it is critical to the strength of your case that you contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. Your lawyer needs this time to gather evidence and prepare your case. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner they can initiate their investigation and obtain the information they need to support your case. 

What Damages Can You Recover in an Arkansas Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury on a construction site can result in devastating injuries, leaving you with unexpected medical expenses you may struggle to pay. An attorney from Rochelle McCullough, LLP will evaluate your case and determine whether you are entitled to compensation from the person or entity that caused your injuries. They will calculate your total financial losses and pursue compensation, which may include money for the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

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