Security camera in the middle of a hotel lobby

The Role of Security Measures in Hotel Violent Crime Cases

In Texas, property owners must take reasonable steps to keep visitors safe from dangerous conditions while those visitors are on their premises. This means hotels must take appropriate actions to protect their guests from foreseeable, violent crimes. The hotel could be liable if a guest suffers harm from a violent crime because the hotel did not have adequate security measures. In this context, adequate security measures include hiring security personnel, installing surveillance cameras, and ensuring proper lighting in all common areas.

To determine whether a hotel is liable for a guest’s injuries from a violent crime, consider whether the hotel could have seen the crime coming. If the hotel is in a high-crime area or similar incidents have happened before, the hotel should have implemented strong security measures. If the hotel failed to do so and a guest suffered injuries as a result, the guest might have the right to seek compensation. This could include compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Common Types of Hotel Violent Crimes

Hotels, with their open environments and high foot traffic, can easily become hotspots for violent crimes if owners or managers fail to implement proper security measures. Here are some common types of violent crimes that can occur in hotels:

  • Assaults Assaults can occur during disputes between guests or with hotel staff in common areas like lobbies, bars, or hallways.
  • Robberies — Hotels can be targets for robbers because guests often carry cash or valuables in parking lots, guest rooms, or secluded areas within the hotel.
  • Sexual Assaults Sexual assaults involving guests or staff members can happen in guest rooms, elevators, or other isolated spots. 
  • Burglaries — Burglars might break into hotel rooms to steal money, electronics, or personal items, especially when guests are away from their rooms.
  • Kidnappings — Kidnappers might target hotel guests in less-monitored areas, like parking garages or fitness centers, to abduct them for ransom or other motives.

The Importance of Adequate Security Measures in Hotels

To prevent violent crimes and provide secure environments for visitors, many hotels must implement a range of security measures, such as:

  • Surveillance Cameras — Many hotels install cameras in public areas like lobbies, hallways, and parking lots to monitor activities and deter criminals from targeting the hotel. Video recordings can also provide valuable evidence if a crime does occur.
  • Security Personnel — Employing trained security guards provides a direct way to prevent and respond to incidents. Security personnel can patrol the hotel grounds, respond to emergencies, and investigate suspicious activity as necessary.
  • Access Control Systems — Many hotels use key cards or digital access systems for guest rooms and restricted areas. These access control systems allow only authorized individuals to enter these spaces, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and theft.
  • Well-Lit Areas — Ensuring that all areas, especially parking lots, hallways, and exterior spaces, are well-lit can significantly deter criminal activity. Good lighting makes it harder for perpetrators to hide and commit crimes.
  • Emergency Response Plans — All hotels should develop and regularly update emergency response plans. These plans should include procedures for handling various types of emergencies, including violent crimes. 

How a Texas Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve experienced a violent crime in a Texas hotel, an experienced lawyer can help you demand the compensation you deserve for your injuries and suffering. Here are some key ways a premises liability attorney could assist you with your injury claim:

  • Investigating the details of the crime thoroughly
  • Gathering evidence to support your claim
  • Interviewing witnesses who were present during the incident
  • Reviewing hotel security measures and policies
  • Negotiating with the hotel’s insurance company on your behalf
  • Filing a lawsuit against the hotel if necessary
  • Arranging for expert testimony to strengthen your case
  • Managing all the necessary paperwork and legal documents

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