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Trapped in an Elevator? Here’s What to Do

Elevators are a time- and energy-saving tool to get from one floor to another. But while generally pleasant to use, you run the risk of getting trapped in one. Surprisingly, this is not uncommon. So, if you find yourself trapped in an elevator it can be easy to panic. However, by following these tips, you can minimize the situation and be out in a shorter amount of time. 

1. Call 9-1-1-.

The very first thing you want to do if you are stuck in an elevator is to call 9-1-1- and let them know what has happened. The dispatcher can then send police and firefighters as necessary to help you. 

2. Remain calm.

It’s difficult to think clearly when you are hysterical. By remaining calm you can make better decisions. Try slowly breathing in and out and remind yourself that you’re probably not in any real danger. 

3. Look for a source of light.

Sometimes when an elevator gets stuck the lights will go out. Should this be the case, try using the light on your phone or any other light that you have to view both those around you and the elevator panel for pushing the correct buttons. Just remember to reserve battery power should you need your phone again. 

4. Try pressing the “Door Open” and “Door Closed” buttons.

Much like most electronics, if you find that the elevator is stuck and not working properly, you may want to troubleshoot. For an elevator this may mean trying to press the “Door Open” and “Door Closed” buttons. If these aren’t effective, you can also try pressing the floor right above or below you. If you try these three buttons and they don’t help, move on to the next suggestion – don’t keep pushing them. 

5. Try pressing the call button

With your phone light illuminated, you can try pressing the “Call” button, which is often shown as a button with an image of a phone on it. The Call button helps to connect you with a technician, whom will be notified of your predicament. 

6. Use the alarm button. 

Alarm buttons on elevators are useful in alerting people within the building that someone on the elevator needs help (usually due to being stuck). Should the alarm fail to connect you with the maintenance staff, try ringing it again over time. Even if maintenance doesn’t hear it, there’s a good chance that someone else in the building will hear it and then alert the proper individuals. 

7. Yell out.

If after pushing the door open, door closed, call, and alarm buttons you are still unable to reach anyone for help, the next best thing is to try yelling out for help. If no one responds right away, you can also try hitting the door of the elevator with an object to get attention. 

8. Just patiently wait. 

As scary as it may seem, being trapped on an elevator rarely has serious outcomes. There is usually no issue with getting off of the elevator in a short matter of time; often minutes. Once you have connected with the maintenance staff or others in the building, it’s imperative that you patiently wait for help to arrive. It’s likely that you will be helped out of the elevator within only a half an hour. 

9. Talk to those around you. 

While you wait for help it can be nice to converse with the other individuals in the elevator (should there be any). It can be extremely beneficial to take your mind off of your current situation by engaging with those around you. 

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